The Best Kids' Craft Kits

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These are our favorite kids' craft kits picks for this year. All of them are B. EcoChic Approved and are safe, natural, eco-friendly, and fun!

If you want the best craft kits and art kits, look for natural materials that provide a multi-sensory experience for your child and spark the imagination.

Here's what to look for:
  • Open-ended activities where the child decides what is made
  • Skill-building tasks (sewing, cutting, pasting)
  • Useful crafts (handmade toys and pretend play props)
  • Safe recycled and recyclable materials
  • Natural materials like wood, cotton, wool, paper, and metal.
  • Paper printed with water-based and soy-based ink.

The Best Kids' Craft Kits

Open-Ended Kids' Craft Kits

These 3 kits are recommended for Ages 7 and up.

With this Wire and Bead Kit, your child can make colorful and imaginative creations like crowns, creatures, and decorations.

The Wool Felt Bug Kit comes with everything your child needs to create wiggly bugs. Easy sewing, pasting, and cutting skills are used.

The Wool Felt Jewelry Kit allows your child to design her own necklace, bracelet, pin, earrings and barrette.

Skill-Building Kids' Craft Kits

This Kangaroo Felt Sewing Kit is one of several awesome, easy sewing kits to help kids learn to practice sewing in a fun way. Learn to cut out a pattern and sew your very own little friend! This kit comes with everything you need and is recommended for ages 8 and up.

These Cut & Paste Art Dolls allow your child to design 4 dolls that they can then use for scrapbooking, pretend play, or even as bookmarks. This creative project will have your child cutting, sewing, pasting, and designing.

The Art Journal Kit comes in several colors and is perfect for the child who loves to draw. Children can learn collage, doodling, and drawing techniques, and personalize their own art journal.

Pretend Play Kids' Craft Kits

The Create and Color Pets set is an art kit, puzzle, and pretend play set all wrapped into one. Great for ages 4 and up.

These Child-made Wooden Vehicles are perfect for the preschool set. Your child already loves to "do it myself!" and this kit is a perfect way to let it happen. The pride your child will feel from making a toy and playing with it ensures this kit will be a hit.

These Create a Princess Masks are the perfect fun activity for sleepovers, birthday parties, or even just a rainy day. Each book comes with 20 masks of 4 different designs that girls can color and decorate however they'd like. They also have other cool styles like Superheroes, Farm Animals, Monsters, Zoo Animals, and Butterflies.

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