Kid's Lunch Bags

These kid's lunch bags will keep the chemicals out of your child's lunch. We did the research and found the cutest PVC-free, Phthalate-free, BPA-free, and lead free lunch bags. Safe lunches, no worries!

No more worrying about chemicals leaching into the healthy lunch you've packed.

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Kid's products (including lunch boxes and bags) have made the news lately because of the toxic chemicals that have been found in them. They have been recalled due to high levels of lead.

You may feel angry and be wondering why in the world manufacturers would use lead, of all things, in the production of childrens lunch bags. I wondered the same thing.

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is often used to make and insulate lunch bags and lead is used as a stabilizer in the production of PVC.

PVC is the same stuff plenty of kids's toys, shower curtains, household products and even the pipes that bring water into your home are made of. You'll see plenty of eco-friendly pvc free products mentioned on because of this.

These earth friendly bpa-free lunch bags are also phthalate free. BPA and phthalates are both toxic chemicals that show up in plastics and may cause a wide range of health issues. Children are especially vulnerable to these chemicals, so finding safe products for them is of paramount importance.

Safe Kid's Lunch Bags

Wildkin Lunch Bags

kids lunch bags, wildkin ballerina lunch bag, lead free lunch bags, reusable snack bags zippered Wildkin Ballerina lunch bag

These adorable kid's lunch bags are free of PVC, lead, phthalates and Bpa. They come in a wide array of adorable prints, like the Ballerina lunch bag pictured to the left.

Some other popular prints include the Wildkin Construction lunch bag, Horses lunch bag, and their "Heroes" print, which has firetrucks, police cars and other little boy (and girl!) favorites.

The bags are easy to wipe down and clean and roomy enough to fit a satisfying lunch. An added bonus is that they don't rely on licensed TV character prints (well, I consider this to be a bonus!)

kids lunch bags, lead free lunch bags, wildkin construction lunch bag, reusable snack bags zippered, reusable sandwich bags Wildkin Construction lunch bag

These are durable and insulated and they can be paired up other Wildkin products in matching prints. Your little ballerina or builder will get a kick out of having their favorite things on their safe and eco-friendly backpack, lunch bag, and reusable water bottle. They also have matching overnight bags and "nap mats"!

You can basically buy everything you need for your child for daycare, preschool, grade school, and sleepovers from this company and not have to worry that they are being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Dabbawalla Lunch Bag - Neoprene Lunch Bags

kids lunch bags, lead free lunch bags, dabbawalla lunch bag, reusable snack bags zippered, reusable sandwich bags Dabbawalla lunch bag

Dabbawalla makes cute Neoprene lunch bags for kids. Neoprene is considered to be a much safer alternative to PVC. It is the same stuff wetsuits are made out of, so it can keep your child's food hot or cold.

These are machine washable insulated neoprene lunch bags. They are very generously sized, too, so you can fit an older child's lunch in here, easily.

They come in a ton of cute designs and can be stored flat to save space. If I had an older child, I'd probably go for this one because of how much the bag can expand to accommodate a larger lunch. Also, nothing can beat the convenience of being able to toss it in the wash.

Crocodile Creek - Dinosaur Lunch Bag

kids lunch bags, lead free lunch bags, dinosaur lunch bag, reusable snack bags zippered, reusable sandwich bags Dinosaur Lunch Bag

Crocodile Creek makes some of my favorite kid's lunch bags. This dinosaur lunch bag is one of the most popular by this brand and can be matched up with a whole slew of accessories, just like the Wildkin brand.

For more cute dinosaur back to school gear, check out this blog post.

All their kid's lunch bags are PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA free and they are my favorite brand.

I am really really tempted to buy my daughter the princess lunch bag with all the associated gear.

kids lunch bags, lead free lunch bags, princess lunch bag, reusable snack bags zippered, reusable sandwich bags Princess Lunch Bag

All the fairy tale princesses are present (sans Disney princesses) and they have a matching backpack, water bottle, and pencil case. My daughter doesn't need a lunch bag yet, though, and I'd rather let her pick one out.

(Who knows? Maybe she will want the dinosaur one. I wouldn't want to impose my own gender biases on her....On the other hand, I think I need a princess lunch bag to carry her snacks in! Sold.)

Accessories for Kid's Lunch Bags

Sending your child to school with a eco-friendly reusable lunch bag isn't enough! Skip the plastic baggies and disposable cutlery and try these out.

Ice Packs

kids lunch bags, lead free lunch bags, reusable ice packs, reusable sandwich bags

Kids Konserve makes sweat-free reusable ice packs It comes with an ice pack and cover (made from recycled plastic bottles!) to keep your lunch from getting wet. It is phthalate lead and Bpa free.

I'm personally a little leery of the ice packs we buy, so having a cover for them is great in my book.

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Kids Konserve also makes reusable sandwich bags. These are non-toxic and a great way to save money and prevent waste from one time use plastic baggies. Kids Konserve has a wide array of safe reusable containers and accessories for lunch.

Reusable Snack Bags Zippered

Reusable Snack Bags Zippered

You might have to remind your kids to bring these reusable snack bags (zippered!) home and not throw them away, at first. But the cool designs on these should make it easy for kids to remember that these bags are definitely not disposable!

The best part about these is that they have zippers. Competing brands have Velcro. There is nothing wrong with Velcro closures, but zippers do tend to hold things in a bit better.

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