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Safe teething toys are a must-have baby item. Many baby toys contain toxic chemicals like Bisphenol-a (BPA), phthalates, and PVC.

All the teethers and accessories we recommend have been awarded the B. EcoChic Seal of Approval this year, which means they are free of harmful materials.

Each company had to undergo a rigorous application process where we looked at everything from factory locations to test reports.

When you shop using this guide, you can be confident that you're protecting your baby with these safe teethers.

Safe Teething Toys and Accessories

Teething Toys Q&A

Are plastic teethers toxic?

It took years and quite a bit of parent demand to get manufacturers to start phasing out BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Plastic teethers are now being made with a new class of plastics that may or may not be well-tested for potential chemical leaching.

We recommend teethers made with TPU or medical-grade silicone. Polypropylene is another type of safer plastic and is used widely in safer food storage containers.

How do I know if my baby's teether is safe?

If you have old plastic teething toys, you may want to toss them. It is one thing for an older child to play with a toy and quite another for your baby to mouth it.

So, unless you bought it from a company you know stands for eco-friendly practices and pure materials, there isn't really any way to be sure about the quality of the toy. We trust companies that have applied for and have been awarded the B. EcoChic Seal of Approval.

What should I look for in safe teething toys?

Baby teething toys that are made from natural materials like wood, organic cotton, stainless steel, and wool are best. Synthetic materials like those listed above may also be used.

A smooth untreated wooden teething ring buffed and finished with beeswax or vegetable oil is a great choice. Babies love gnawing on a wooden toy to soothe their gums.

Wood teething toys should be made with real wood and be unpainted or dyed with water-based dyes.

Safe teething toys made with cloth should be high quality organic cotton. If they include stuffing, the stuffing should be pure wool or organic cotton.

The best organic teether manufacturers use water-based eco-friendly dyes that are free of heavy metals and harsh chemicals.

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