Where to Buy Essential Oils

Want to know where to buy essential oils? This article outlines some popular places to buy essential oils and explains how to make sure what you are getting is pure, high quality essential oil.

Where to Buy Essential Oils- Buy Essential Oils Online

I'll get straight to the point, and then go on to what to look for before you purchase. I like to buy essential oils online. where to buy essential oils, buy essential oils online, buy organic essential oil

These are the only two brands that I regularly buy and can recommend (click the links to be taken to the store.) They've got the highest quality for the best price, in my opinion. I buy them a few at a time and that is how I've grown my collection. I've found very limited selections locally, so I generally look for free shipping and sales.

If you are on a budget, Here's what to start with (and you can buy all four of these and get free shipping!): These are gentle and even baby safe, and they will allow you to play around with different scents and use them different ways. I like to use organic oil, because what you are getting are concentrated oils from plants. You don't want concentrated pesticides in there, too.

I often use the Lavender and Tea Tree in our homemade baby wipes. Tea Tree oil is anti-fungal and can be used in creams for rashes and such. Sweet Orange adds a nice scent to homemade dryer sheets , and Eucalyptus is the essential oil of choice for inhaling with steam to clear out air passages when you have a cold.

Read on if you want to learn how to choose high quality essential oils.

Where to Buy Essential Oils- Why to use

where to buy essential oils, buy essential oils online, buy organic essential oil We use essential oils in just about everything these days. When I found out I was pregnant, I threw away everything in the house that contained the ambiguous term "fragrance", because I knew it could be bad for my unborn child.

Synthetic scents can contain phthalates and other nasty bad-for-you chemicals that can harm you and your family. Using essential oils around your home is a much better and healthier way to enjoy scents.

There are safety rules to follow, even with essential oils, though.

Where to Buy Essential Oils- What to look for

where to buy essential oils, buy essential oils online, buy organic essential oil The quality of essential oils really varies across different brands. Real essential oils will say "essential oil." If you see the words "fragrance", "nature identical" or "perfume" next to oil, then you know you've got a fake.

Some companies abuse the word "aromatherapy" and sell scents that are not natural (more below on this.) You have to be careful with this term and look for transparency in the company's description of ingredients.

If you can't determine whether or not a product only has essential oils, look for one that clearly does.

You may also see claims that the oil is a certain "grade", namely therapeutic or aromatherapy grade. This is a lot like how marketers slap "natural" on everything to make you think you are getting a healthy product. These terms are unregulated and essentially meaningless.

Expect different types of essential oil to cost different prices. If all the oils you are looking at are exactly the same price, you may be looking at a lower quality brand.

Try to get your essential oils in dark colored glass bottles, as this extends the life of the oil. You don't want plastic and an aluminum bottle may be lined with BPA.

Where to Buy Essential Oils - Buy Essential Oils Locally

where to buy essential oils, buy essential oils online, buy organic essential oil I have personally had a hard time finding essential oils in nearby stores. Whole Foods and other natural food stores will often have a selection of essential oils. You can call your local health food store and find out what they have.

Most local stores won't carry a huge selection, and I've found that when I want to buy organic essential oil, I can't always find it. That is why I usually shop online.

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